Scale Your Sales Podcast Episode 005 – Marlen von Roth Says, The Authentic You in Sales is Essential to Your Success

Watch Episode 005 of the Scale Your Sales Podcast and discover Why Marlen von Roth says “Never Take No for An Answer!” Marlen believes it is easy to be authentic when you know selling is about delivering something that helps the customer. 

See who inspires Marlen and why?

00:00 The Authentic You in Sales is Essential to Your Success.

02:55 Sales is about selling a solution rather than selling a product.

04:04 People buy from people, so it’s all about relationship and trust.

06:05 Diversity is still a big subject and why we still have a long way to go.

10;29 Why should women stay themselves in a sales career

13:54 Find out how Marlen build her career in sales.

15:35 Find out why Marlen advice is “never ever take a no”.

16:52 Marlen’ hero is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you should know why 😊

18:44 End

Scale Your Sales Podcast

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