Scale Your Sales Podcast #134: Jason Marc Campbell – Sell with Love to Create Value for Customers

In today’s episode, my guest talks about the importance of selling with love. Jason Marc Campbell mentions 4 levels of emotions in sales, and I love the way he explains the 5 loves in selling. Impact, the impact you make. The buyer. The product. The process and self.


As the author of Selling With Love, and host of the Selling With Love podcast, he is an international public speaker and trainer on sales and online marketing. Welcome to Scale Your Sales podcast, Jason Marc Campbell.


0:00 Sell with love to create value for customers.


2:05 Understanding the four major emotions that people typically sell from.


6:27 The five different levels of love you should have when selling with love.


12:49 Selling from the heart is a new way of selling that needs to be embraced.


17:49 You need to be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that the person you’re selling to is exactly like you.


21:54 Why you need to have a personal brand and social presence.






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