Scale Your Sales Podcast #115: Julie Hansen – Develop Relationships with an Inviting Virtual Presence on Camera

My next guest helps salespeople use video to build relationships on video. She is author of Look Me in the Eye, the founder of Selling on Video masterclass. She has a background as a professional actor, having appeared in over 50 commercials, films and tv shows, including HBO Sex and the City. Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast, Julie Hansen.

0:00 Develop relationships with an inviting virtual presence on camera. 

2:06 How the pandemic caused people to struggle when going on video. 

5:13 Why being on camera magnifies certain characteristics. 

8:32 Relationships aren’t built on logic, but on emotion. 

12:08 Why you must bring more energy when being on camera. 

16:07 Being natural on camera doesn’t mean be comfortable. 

20:33 Why you must approach a sale in your own authentic way to be successful. 

24:51 How to effectively communicate with only 20% of your body.  


Janice B Gordon, the awarding-winning Customer Growth Expert and founder of Scale Your Sales, listed 25 of Top 100 Global Business Influencer 2017. Janice helps companies around the world adopt the Scale Your Sales framework to develop their leading-edge capabilities in securing, maintaining and growing their most valued customer relationships for long term value and partnership.  

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