Scale Your Sales Podcast #109: David Meerman Scott – Why Salespeople Cannot Use the Same Skillsets for Selling Online as Offline

My next guest of Scale Your Sales Podcast is David Meerman Scott. he is the author of 12 books including New Rules of Marketing and PR, the Wall Street Journal Bestseller Fanocracy. David is a marketing and business growth strategist, an entrepreneur and an advisor to emerging companies. Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast David Meerman Scott 

00:00 Why Salespeople Cannot Use Same Skillsets for Selling Online as Offline  

3:53 David says, Sales Managers forget Selling Virtually is Different than Face-to-Face  

5:32 Salespeople must Present to Camera Lens, not the Person when Selling Online  

10:39 Why Virtual Selling is more Intimate than a Face-to-Face 

12:53 Understand Personal Space is where the most Powerful Human Connections Happen to Leverage Virtual Selling   

16:30 David says, Humans don’t like being Coerced, giving Gifts with no Expectation of Return is a Fundamental Human Quality.   

19:58 Why David says, Many Companies don’t Provide Value, it’s all about Coercion   

23:29 It’s not Sellers, Buyers are in Charge now in the Sales Cycle  

26:22 Huge Disconnect between Salesperson and Customer Support, Maintain Relationship with Potential Clients to become Paying Client 

35:00 End 



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