Scale Your Sales Podcast #093: Zafer Karaca – Why Diversity in Sales Drives Understanding of Customers’ Pain Points

My next guest on Scale Your Sales Podcast is Zafer Karaca. He is VP of Cloud Red Hat synergy at IBM. He is leading key growth initiatives across the US with a primary focus to optimize IBM’s go-to-market strategies, and to enable clients to accelerate their Cloud journey to drive business transformation with open Hybrid Cloud solutions and AI. Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast Zafer Karaca.

00:00 Why Diversity in Sales Drives Understanding of Customers’ Pain Points

04:24 Zafer says, The Moment we say we’re going to Control the Innovation, it means we’re Killing it!  

07:51 The Real Value of Salespeople is Help Customers Understand their Pain Points from a Business Perspective. 

11.36 The Advantage of Being in a Virtual World is the ability to better Understand the Customers’ Culture 

15:53 Why IBM Program Removed College Degree Pre-Requirement for Many entry Jobs. 

20:44 Zafer says, You Can’t Run a Global Organization, Unless you Bring Diversity at All Levels 

24:30 For Long-term Growth Create an Ecosystem that is Open for Partnerships.  

27:00 End.  

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