Scale Your Sales Podcast #092 Steven Benson – Why Companies Must Keep Salespeople Aligned with Customers Rather than Revenue

My next guest of Scale Your Sales Podcast is Steven Benson. He had joined Google and became Google’s enterprises’ top sales global executive in 2009. He is the president of the sales hall of fame, and host of outside sales, talk a podcast specifically for outside salespeople. He is the CEO and founder of Badger Maps, the Number One App in the Appstore for outside salespeople to upgrade existing CRMs with mapping routing and scheduling. Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast Steven Benson. 


00:00 Why Companies Must Keep Salespeople Aligned with Customers Rather than Revenue  

1:57 Badger Maps Application Help Field Salespeople Focus on their Right Customers 

5:37 Why Traditional CRMs Haven’t Really Been Focused on Solving Problems That Field Salespeople Have  

8:37 Steven says it is more Effective to Switch Sales Reps Compensation from Revenue to Profitability. 

12:02 Companies Need to Leverage Sponsorships for Better Decision Making in Complex Sales Cycles 

15:56 Why the Buyers and Customer Focus must be both Short Term and Long Term in Sales Cycle? 

20:06 Companies Need to Change Messaging to Better Help Customers Do More with Less. 

26:55 End 

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