Scale Your Sales Podcast #084: Bryan Mattimore – How Creative Thinking Techniques Improve The Sales Experience

My next guest of Scale Your Sales Podcast is Cofounder and Chief Idea Guy of Growth Engine, a 20-year old innovation agency based in Westport, America. He has adapted a wide variety of creative thinking techniques to improve the selling experience and ultimately the success rates. He has personally led over 1,000 ideation and sales training sessions. He is also the author of three seminal works in the field of creative thinking including Idea Stormers, and 21 Days to a Big Idea. Welcome to Bryan Mattimore.

00:00 How Creative Thinking Techniques Improve The Sales Experience 

01:20 How creative techniques help to improve the chances of making a sale.

03:54 Why Bryan’s creative techniques come from growing up in an entrepreneurial family.

06:20 First, create a collage that represents what you are selling and then creates one with the customer’s needs.

08:00 Discover Bryan gives us a language technique.

09:57 Discover what Bryan means, language creates empathy, identification, and relationships.

11:12 Why are clients part of the creative process?

13:54 Why during the pandemic we saw a pullback in creativity?

16:28 Why and how data help the sales?

19:22 There are two types of research: general research and trend research.

21:22 When you go in with a unique idea you are unique.

22:33 Bryan would take his kindle on a Desert Island, find out who is Bryan’s hero and why?

24:30 End



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