Scale Your Sales Podcast #079: Simon Hazeldine – Why you must redefine the sales profession in the post pandemic.

My next guest of Scale Your Sales Podcast works internationally as a sales transformation consultant, conference speaker and seminar leader in the areas of sales and negotiation performance. He’s the bestselling author of five books, has worked in over thirty countries with a client list that includes some of the world’s largest and most successful companies. He is also the co-founder of the UK’s leading sales podcast “The Sales Chat Show”. Welcome to Scale Your Sales podcast, Simon Hazeldine.

00:00 Why you must redefine the sales profession in the post-pandemic.

01:44 Why with the pandemic we have to adapt to the new reality of the virtual environment?

04:49 What are the advantages of the virtual environment.

07:17 Why in virtual negotiations, negotiators that conduct five minutes of small talk achieved better business results.

09:51 Why we need to redefine the notion of professional?

11:10 How starting with the customer then talk about how you may be able to help them is critical.

15:19 Why some people think that salespeople do not add value.

16:20 Why it is much easier to sell to customers who know you, trust you and are comfortable with your value.

19:47 Find out the 3 options are available to facilitate the decision-making process.

22:06 Do you show respect for the buyer’s and Customer’s time?

25:30 End

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