Scale Your Sales Podcast #069: Larry Long Jr – Seize The Business Opportunities Now or Someone Else Will!

My next guest on Scale Your Sales Podcast is Larry Long Jr the Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks. He is also the Founder and CEO of Larry Long Jr LLC, which focuses on sales motivation, inspiration, training & coaching. 

00:00 Seize The Business Opportunities Now or Someone Else Will!

02:09 There are two ways of continuing to connect with virtual work: listening and get creative.

05:20 The B2B environment is improving but there is still a long way to go.

06:30 Larry shares how his Mother got him into sales and how his Sister increased his sales.

07:22 Larry loves serving others and ‘the great thing about sales is, we get to serve as a profession.

08:36 What is the impact of Black Lives Matter in America and in the sales industry?

12:42 A little more about Teamworks, and why is it essential to empower and engage elite athletes.

15:25 The strategy to scale your sales is to make sure you ask the best questions to get the best answers.

17:00 Larry says – If you are not going to seize the opportunity, there is someone who will.

19:58 Getting close to your current client that is also a great referral source.

20:55 Larry’s shero is his Mother and his late Father is his hero, find out why?

23:09 End

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