Scale Your Sales Podcast Episode 007 – Jo Harding What is Specification Sales?

There is a lot of synergy between the complex sale and specification sales. Jo talks about why specification selling has become even more challenging.

Specification sales are cantered in the construction industry and are about the way products are purchased and procured. The specification is based around the technical and aesthetic capability of the products. Buildings take a long time to be built and the process can be protracted. The buildings can take two to three years and the specification must go through a design process which can be a challenge to develop the right strategy and project management.

Jo explains the construction industry wants to speed up the processes, but this means they need the right knowledge at the right time so knowledgeable and experienced salespeople cannot be replaced with broad information.

00:00 Jo Harding explains the specific of specification sales.

00:55 What is Specification Sales?

03:36 Why business has become more challenging even pre COVID?

05:38 Why it’s quite easy to waste time going down the wrong route if you haven’t defined exact customer priorities.

07:08 We can get hold of a massive amount of information, but we cannot necessarily use it without the right guidance.

09:30 Why long-term relationship and emotional intelligence is needed.

12:12 Why some institutions must encourage women into male-dominated sectors.

12:34 Desert Island, Joe would take her dog, Billy.

14:29 End

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