Scale Your Sales Podcast Episode 006 – Glen Williamson – Selling is About Creating Value Not Relationships!

Selling is About Creating Value Not Relationships. Glen Williamson says, relationships in sales is a fallacy and cause mediocre results.  He talks about knowing is not understanding and importantly your buyer wants you to understand what important to them and how you can add value, more than they want your friendship. Listen to Scale Your Sales podcast for Glens’ three conversations essential in your Value Proposition?

00:00 Selling is about creating value not relationships.

02:02 Why it’s essential that salespeople have value-based conversations in this more complex and competitive environment.

04:43 The three conversations that we must have as professional salespeople the problem, the results, and the transformation.

05:42 Why is selling what we do as human beings.

06:51 Why Glen says the relationship is a fallacy in sales.  

09:40 Why is selling is not about relationship.

12:35 When you have diversity of people you have diversity of thoughts.

15:46 Why in this modern environment is a value proposition critical.

16:50 Glen’ hero is Alex Anderson, find out why?


Glen has offered listener access to his whitepaper The Sales Directors Secret – shows exactly how to create a flawless, profitable pipeline.

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Glen also recommends the book: Three Magic Words: The Key to Power, Peace and Plenty by Uell Stanley Anderson  U. S. Anderson 

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