Scale Your Sales Podcast #108: David Fisher – How Sales Professional Must Change Their Success Mindset

My next guest of Scale Your Sales Podcast is David J.P. Fisher. He is also known as D.Fish 

D.Fish is a speaker coach, best-selling author of 12 books. David helps salespeople business owners, entrepreneurs understand the sales Sherpa path, where social media networking traditional sales skills are the key to providing value, and staying relevant. Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast D.Fish 

00:00 How Sales Professional Must Change Their Success Mindset 

4:55 Why Salespeople must become the Trusted Resources for Prospects and Customers before they need them 

10:28 David says, there’s an ability to Leverage Time, Energy and Money by using Digital Tools and then add in Offline Elements.  

13:46 Salespeople need to know that Different Channels require Different Skills, Meeting in Person is very Different than Meeting over Zoom  

17:03 David says, it’s important both an Individual Sales Level and Organization, they need to be very Open with How to Train Salespeople for working Online and Offline 

19:20 The more you can Focus on the Buyer that you’re Serving, the more you got Long-term Success 

21:41 Why David says, the Process of Relationship Building is to start Building Relationships before You Need Them 

28:38 David mentions Professor Steven Drought saying “It is Not about What You want to Say, it’s about What they Need to Hear” 

31:00 End  (Hyper-Connected Selling) 

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