Scale Your Sales Podcast #107: Heidi Solomon – Focus on College Entry level Education helps Companies gain more Diversity in their Salesforce 

My next guest of Scale Your Sales Podcast is Heidi Solomon, she is award-winning BPO industry veteran with over 30 years of global sales, executive leadership experience. Heidi currently serves as VP of global sales for VXI global solutions, a 625-million-dollar multinational outsourcing company. She’s also founder, CEO of Girlz Who Sell.

Girlz Who Sell is a non-profit organization help close the gender gap in B2B sales to build the largest pipeline of diverse early-stage talents, to offer training scholarships mentoring, career placement for college, and high school aged young women interested in Sales Career

00:00 Focus on College Entry level Education helps Companies gain more Diversity in their Salesforce

3:46 Heidi talks about Why Women are the Future of B2B Sales?

5:11 Heidi’s missions are to Close the Gender Gap, get more Diverse Representation in Sales, and focus on the College Entry level?

10:26 Why Heidi says, Sales is the Lifeblood of an Organization, without it a Company is not going to Survive.

15:11 Heidi mentions the Explore Sales Program that helps position Sales as a Viable and Intentional Career Choice for Young Women.

17:46 Identify the Six Sales Personality Archetypes to Understand what are the Traits that Salespeople can Leverage to be Successful in Sales

23:13 Heidi says you can only Grow with a Client based on trying to Build Trust and Relationships

29:00 End

Sales Personality Archetypes: What’s Your Superpower event:

GirlzWhoSell #exploresales Bootcamp (Virtual)

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