Scale Your Sales Podcast #101: Jon Ferrara – Why Education is Key for Companies to Stay Top of mind with Customers

My next guest of Scale Your Sales Podcast is Jon Ferrara. He is a serial entrepreneur and noted speaker about social sales and marketing. He has re-imagined CRM by building Nimble, the simple CRM for office 365 and G suite, best known as the co-founder of Gold Software Corp, one of the early pioneers of Sierra CRM for small-medium businesses. Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast Jon Ferrara  

00:00 Why Education is Key for Companies to Stay Top of mind with Customers 

03:44 Why Jon says, Customers Don’t Buy Great Products, They Buy Better Versions of Themselves 

05:55 Service is the New Sales, don’t just spew Knowledge, Companies need to Listen and Engage Customers to Serve them and Help them Grow  

11:57 Jon says, if you’re not Managing your Network effectively, you Cannot Turn Contacts into Customers 

15:07 Why Nimble works in Building your own Personal CRM and Leverage AI to Grow your Business 

21:03 Follow up is Key to Business Success, if you don’t Engage with Customers, you’ll Never Find them again 

25:12 Jon says, Relationships aren’t Business Cards or LinkedIn Connections, they are People you take Time to get to Know 

28:00 End 

Try Nimble use the code Jon40 to get 40% off for your first three months. 


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