Scale Your Sales Podcast #100: Kate Bradley Chernis – Why Leveraging AI with Human Elements to Engage with Customers

My next guest of Scale Your Sales Podcast is Kate Bradley Chernis. She is co-founder, CEO of lately is the only social media management platform that creates content for you with the power of AI. Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast Kate Bradley Chernis  

00:00 Why leveraging AI with Human Elements to Engage with Customers 

3:30 Why Kate says, TV is for the Mindless and Radio is for the Imagination.   

8:18 Kate says, Consistency is what Rules in Marketing.  

10:18 How AI helps Improve your Social Media Content to Engage with Customers  

16:55 How to Create the right Conversation to Engage with your Sales Team  

21:10 Kate says, everything feels Canned and Robotic, because we Missed Human Connection.  

25:20 Companies need to Add Human Elements into the AI to Improve the Conversation with Customers  

29:00 End 


Janice B Gordon, the awarding-winning Customer Growth Expert and founder of Scale Your Sales, listed 25 of the Top 100 Global Business Influencers in 2017. Janice helps companies around the world adopt the Scale Your Sales framework to develop their leading-edge capabilities in securing, maintaining, and growing their most valued customer relationships for long-term value and partnership.  

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