Scale Your Sales Podcast #094: Wesleyne Greer – Why B2B Salespeople Need to Focus on their Customers, rather than Themselves

My next guest of Scale Your Sales Podcast is Wesleyne Greer. She marries her love of sales, her passion for coaching at transformed sales with a strong track record for driving revenue through sales marketing and ongoing customer support. Through her process, she understands that sales leaders require both coaching to develop their leadership skills with outside-the-box strategies to ensure everyone on the team becomes a sales superstar. She is singly focused on clients and more repeatable sales. Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast Wesleyne Greer  

00:00 Why B2B Salespeople Need to Focus on their Customers, rather than Themselves   

4:15 Wesleyne talks about How she Learned to Become a Sales Leader 

09:14 Why Wesleyne says, Buyers Don’t Care about Salespeople, but their own Problem 

12:50 To Develop Strong Sales Team, Leaders need to Understand their Personal Goals 

15:10 Companies need to Listen to Customers’ Needs and Address their Problems   

18:29 The First Step to Diversify SalesForce is truly Assessing and Hiring them 

23:00 End 


Janice B Gordon, the awarding-winning Customer Growth Expert and founder of Scale Your Sales, listed 25 of the Top 100 Global Business Influencers in 2017. Janice helps companies around the world adopt the Scale Your Sales framework to develop their leading-edge capabilities in securing, maintaining, and growing their most valued customer relationships for long-term value and partnership.  

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