Scale Your Sales Podcast #072: Tripp Braden – Selling is a Team Sport

My next guest on Scale Your Sales Podcast Show is Tripp Braden, an executive coach who works with clients on their go-to-market strategies leveraging their teams’ strengths to create a unique position in the market.

We talk about business growth, building teams and emotional intelligence, sales and diversity.

00:00 Selling is a team sport.

01:05 More about building diverse supplier networks.

02:01 In times of COVID we need to provide leadership initiatives.

04:40 Why Government and education have a role to play in business?

06:13 How diversity offers a true benefit to organizations?

08:23 How do we incorporate customers into the discussion?

09:30 B2B sales are a team sport.

11:09 Tripp Braden comes from a world where everything is about whatever you kill, you get.

12:45 How do we change the inherent structures that limit us?

15:02 Emotional intelligence is an essential element to cope with this pandemic.

19:54 Why employers must get their teams involved in employee advocacy?

23:00 Tripp’s hero is Marc Benioff, find out why?

25:38 End


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