Scale Your Sales Podcast #071: George Bronten – Essential to Understand Your Customer’s Needs to Create Long-Term Relationships

My next guest on Scale Your Sales Podcast Show is George Brontén. George is a life-long entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the software space. With the life motto “Don’t settle for mainstream,”

George seeks new ways to improve sales effectiveness using innovative software, skills, and processes. He is the author of Stop Killing Deals and shares his thoughts on the award-winning blog “Art & Science of Complex Sales.” 

Highlights of the discussion:

00:00 Understand Your Customer’s Needs to Create Long-Term Relationships.

03:00 Adapt in the pandemic by creating new technologies to manage customers.

04:02 Why everyone should know who their best partners and customers are?

06:01 Why you must sell a product with a clearly defined outcome?

06:52 More about George Bronten’s book entitled “Stop Killing Deals”.

09:53 Understand your customers and their problem to create a relationship of trust.

13:01 Why the customers’ needs are like the needs hierarchy?

14:05 Understand the important customer milestones on their decision-making journey.

16:13 Identify the problem in the management of the customer business.

19:29 End


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