Scale Your Sales Podcast Episode 012 – Paul Durrant on How EFT Helps Build More Confidence in Sales

Paul Durrant helps my client’s businesses fix their sales-related problems, optimise their sales and upskill their salespeople. One client used the phrase ‘Thank you for bringing some order to my selling chaos’. Paul fills the sales acumen gaps few…

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Scale Your Sales Podcast Episode 011 Alice Kemper On How to Up Level Your Top Sales Performers

Alice is the founder of Sales Training Werks and Sales Training Consultant. Alice is a natural sales leader, sales trainer and coach. Her clients boast of sales increases of 5 – 35% within the first ten weeks through her training solutions on-site…

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Scale Your Sales Podcast Episode 010 – Niraj Kapur How Salespeople Become Irrelevant & Why Integrity is Critical

Niraj is forthright on salespeople becoming irrelevant and he is on a mission to change this. Most people are not aware that they work in sales, he says. Sales are the foundation of a business, if you do not sell you cannot invest.  Buyers have…

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Scale Your Sales Podcast Episode 009 – Alice Heiman How TradeShow Makeover to deliver ROI

WOW, Alice Heiman gives lots of value talking about her new company TradeShow Makeover and much more. The tradeshow industry has grown year on year for over 8 years. Companies are spending millions on trade show but not getting the ROI.  Alice…

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Scale Your Sales Podcast Episode 007 – Jo Harding What is Specification Sales?

There is a lot of synergy between the complex sale and specification sales. Jo talks about why specification selling has become even more challenging. Specification sales are cantered in the construction industry and are about the way products are…

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